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At Forever Fit Mama, we are on a mission to make physical and mental wellness for mamas and expecting mothers easier and more accessible. We all know motherhood is a beautiful and enormous life-changing event- let us help. We work with personal trainers and professional nutritionists to lovingly craft a box that's delivered right to your door. Each box contains prenatal vitamins, a workout card custom-crafted for mothers or pregnant women, a healthy recipe card, and an article written by industry professionals. We support your journey through motherhood by taking care of you first.

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Monthly Pregnancy Subscription box

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Our subscription box contains 12 monthly workouts, 3 healthy recipes, research articles on prenatal and postnatal health, and a month's supply of non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and delicious gummy prenatal vitamins. You're going to love this box! And so is your bundle of joy on the way.

Subscription box with contents of a workout, recipe, article, and prenatal vitamins

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Each workout and recipe is hand-selected to enhance, nourish, protect, and revitalize your body at every stage for your most beautiful and healthy you. Enjoy a full workout routine and healthy recipes for the month curated just for you. Every recipe comes with a vegetarian option. Are you looking for a personalized workout and nutrition plan? Our team can help design a box specifically for you. Reach out today!

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The Forever Fit Mama Nutrition Team

Finding the best products that assist in mothers’ health is our passion.

Our monthly prenatal/postnatal gummy vitamins are:

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Exercising While Pregnant Research

There is a common opinion that women should simply rest during pregnancy. That they need to allow their body time to appropriately adapt for the rigours associated with childbirth, and somehow prepare itself for the physical changes that come with bearing a child. But what if I were to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth? Seriously – nothing.

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Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy

While there is a lot of controversy and discussion surrounding exercise during pregnancy, the present literature on the subject suggests that it is indeed safe to exercise while pregnant.

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Forever Fit Mama

Mothering - The good, bad and the ugly

There is this expectation that having a baby is meant to be the most joyful time in life, full of pure happiness. Within the framework of being a mother, those moments definitely exist. But in reality, they are mixed with many other difficult moments that are often accompanied by extreme lack of sleep. The truth is that being a mother comes with many unexpected challenges that no one can really prepare you for.

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Forever Fit Mama

Running During Pregnancy

You are fit, you are healthy, and you’re a runner. Sounds great – you have no problems, no worries, you can eat and do pretty much anything you want if you’re a die-hard runner. But what happens when you start to grow a new life within you?

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I have never been the biggest fan of taking my prenatal vitamins but these are delicious! I look forward to my vitamins every day. Also, the workouts are well planned out and it is so nice having a plan for the week. One less thing to think about. I love my monthly box!

As someone who struggles to stay on track with my fitness during pregnancy (this is my 3rd!), this box was a godsend. I am happy to say I have completed about 90% of the workouts in the box every month and I am feeling great. Going into my last month, I am excited to make the recipes - in bulk of course!

Hang with us! @foreverfitmamabox