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What does a healthy pregnancy mean to you?

At Forever Fit Mama, we are on a mission to make physical and mental wellness for mamas and expecting mothers easier and more accessible. We all know motherhood is a beautiful and enormous life-changing event- let us help. We work with physical therapists, exercise researchers, personal trainers, and professional nutritionists to create useful content for you. We support your journey through motherhood by taking care of you first.

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Healthy Pregnancy

Preventing Gestational Diabetes

“Pregnancy is not without its hardships. It places a significant physical toll on your muscle and joints, not to mention the fact that it can also come with several health-threatening complications. Gestational diabetes is the most common.” Read our full article for changes you can make to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and minimize your chances of getting gestational diabetes.

Postpartum Health

Hormonal Changes After Pregnancy

“As most of you are aware, your hormone levels will be all over the place throughout the length of your pregnancy. While this may at times seem chaotic, it is a chaos of the most organized kind. These hormonal changes are necessary for supporting the growth and development of your unborn child, while also ensuring that your health is maintained as well.” Read our full article on hormonal changes and how they affect you after the birth of your baby.

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Health & Wellness

What Is The Average And Recommended Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

“Exercising during pregnancy can have very positive outcomes for mother and baby alike. But did you know that pre-pregnancy exercise can also have an impact? Both influence weight gain during pregnancy.” Learn more on how lifestyle can impact the weight you gain during your pregnancy.


Newborn Babies & Sleep: What to Expect

“The birth of a baby is without a doubt a beautiful thing. In fact, many would suggest that it is hands down the most beautiful thing on this planet. Right up until that point where your baby makes it home, and you come to the stark realization that its babies and sleep patterns are well and truly all over the place.You might find yourself wondering if how much your newborn is sleeping is normal? Or how many hours they should be sleeping for? And if there is any way that you can actually get your newborn baby sleeping better? This article will cover babies and sleep patterns.” Learn more about what to expect from your baby’s sleep patterns.

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Exercising While Pregnant Research

There is a common opinion that women should simply rest during pregnancy. That they need to allow their body time to appropriately adapt for the rigours associated with childbirth, and somehow prepare itself for the physical changes that come with bearing a child. But what if I were to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth? Seriously – nothing.

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Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy

While there is a lot of controversy and discussion surrounding exercise during pregnancy, the present literature on the subject suggests that it is indeed safe to exercise while pregnant.

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Mothering - The good, bad and the ugly

There is this expectation that having a baby is meant to be the most joyful time in life, full of pure happiness. Within the framework of being a mother, those moments definitely exist. But in reality, they are mixed with many other difficult moments that are often accompanied by extreme lack of sleep. The truth is that being a mother comes with many unexpected challenges that no one can really prepare you for.

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Running During Pregnancy

You are fit, you are healthy, and you’re a runner. Sounds great – you have no problems, no worries, you can eat and do pretty much anything you want if you’re a die-hard runner. But what happens when you start to grow a new life within you?

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